The virtual poster exhibition

Electronic posters - for onsite presentation and an online archive

The psPoster service is a collection of two web-based applications to upload and to presenting and archive electronic posters.

We provide you a customised poster upload system to upload poster files in PDF or PowerPoint formats. The layout format and file size of uploaded documents can be controlled and restricted during the upload process to make sure that the e-posters adhere to the template restrictions defined by the organiser.

The upload system converts poster files into PDF format for easy online viewing and creates a full text index of the complete poster content, making every text detail available for searches using the online e-poster exhibition. E-poster presenters receive an individual and personalized invitation to upload their poster(s) using a simple 3-step process: 1) upload, 2) preview, and 3) publish.

Uploaded and published e-posters can be viewed and published:

  • using the online e-poster exhibition and archive: a separate system to browse, present and search e-posters during and after the conference
  • on the abstract CD or USB, together with the abstract, or
  • on a separately produced e-poster CD-ROM or USB

The online e-poster exhibition is a web-based application enabling users to browse, search and present e-posters. The system allows to open the original poster and to view the abstract and even an uploaded video. In addition delegates may contact the presenter and to rate the e-poster. The search options support the search by author, presenter, topic, session or by full text search.

This application is used during the congress in the e-poster exhibition area to browse and present the e-posters; a good internet connection is required because the e-poster archive is hosted on our servers. This website can be used/published after the congress as well for the same purpose. The website will remain online for at least 2 years.